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Artist Bay Premiere Guest Artist Exhibit

Nora Peek

"Abstract Ideas in Photography"

February 1 through March 1, 2019

Meet the Artist on Sunday, February 3

from 2-4 p.m.

Our first photography exhibitor at Artist Bay is Nora Roth Peek. Nora has been taking photographs since she was a teenager when her father gave her a camera and several rolls of film. Nora’s exhibit will include canvas prints of her varied abstract interests: waterdrops, oil-on-water, and milk art. She will provide interesting and colorful abstracts, and share some of her favorite tips about shooting such images.


Nora was formerly a member of the Southwest Florida Professional Photography Guild, and a coordinator of the Ritz Camera Club. She is currently an active presenter in the Women’s Workshop camera club and served on their advisory board for four years.


Having lived in Naples for more than 50 years, Nora and her husband Tom are both civil engineers. Tom is a big help in collaborating with and studying the details of her photographic projects.


Nora and Tom have personally helped me over the years, especially for 11 years facilitating the Ritz Camera Club. Without their continued encouragement, many of my current photography activities would not have  been possible. I am truly blessed to have their friendship.


--Frank Berna

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