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If you love taking photos with your iPhone but can’t figure out how to capture anything more than simple snapshots, and you’d like to take incredible photos with the camera that you have in your pocket at all times, then this course is for you. The class teaches both the features of the camera and how to use them properly, and the many ways to edit and organize your photos.



Getting More from Your Digital Camera   

Virtually everyone owns a camera, but unfortunately, many people simply know how to turn it on and press the shutter, but that’s about it. Perplexed by all those strange symbols? Afraid to touch a button, or worse yet, touch one by accident and can’t figure out how to undo what you’ve just done? Don’t be embarrassed! Get out of "auto" and gain control of your camera in this easy-to-understand class. You’ll learn what all those buttons do, when to use them, how to use them, and why to use them.   



Understanding Interchangeable Lens Reflex Cameras

For those wanting to explore their creative side with digital photography, nothing compares to the choices available with an SLR or mirrorless camera. But learning the myriad of alternatives can be daunting. This course is designed to make sense of those options: how, when, and why to use them. Topics will include understanding exposure, white balance, file formats, better flash photography, lenses, and focusing and shooting options.



Take Amazing Travel Photos

We all love to travel, and capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments to share with friends and family, or for personal memories, is part of the experience. Our photographs need to bring the sensations of sight, sound, and smell back, to trigger our memories, and to communicate to others how we felt. To do this, we need to think and feel as much as look when setting out to make photographs. Travel photography expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations. Learn how to create the images like the ones seen in magazines.


Nature and Wildlife Photography

There is probably no more challenging a subject for photographers than wildlife. Whether it’s polar bears or pelicans, orchids or orcas, the quest for the perfect shot is endless. The quarry is invariably erratic, endangered, and elusive. However, the pursuit of this precious image is what makes it such fun and so rewarding. Learn the tips and tricks to make photos that you’ll be proud to show. This class is especially geared towards capturing the flora and fauna of Southwest Florida. 



The Beauty of Black & White Photography

Black and white photography is a rewarding and challenging field of artistic photography. As a photographer, black and white can allow you to discover a whole new character in a familiar subject, and most serious photographers will tell you that the best black and white photos are taken when the photographer deliberately sets out with black and white images in mind. This class will show you how to pre-visualize your shot in monochrome, and then process the image in software to create stunning black and white masterpieces.

Making Better Photographs

Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make a photograph.” Photography is a very subjective endeavor. There are no hard-and-fast rules to follow that always assure your picture will be, well, “picture perfect.” However, an understanding of light, exposure, and compositional guidelines that can be applied to virtually any scene will enhance its impact. Understanding these principles will help you capture more compelling images, turning your snapshots into works of art. This class would be for all photographers, regardless of the camera used.



Beyond Snapshots – Taking the Best Photos You Can

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do all those other photographs look better than mine?” While it is easy to tell the difference between a snapshot and a "real" photograph, it is not always easy to pinpoint what qualities made your picture one or the other. This advanced composition class will help you identify the attributes to turn your photos into works of art.





Photoshop & Elements Basics, Part 1

In this hands-on class, basic and intermediate Photoshop techniques are explored. Topics will include RAW conversion, rotating photographs, layers, straightening horizons, color adjustments, removing or minimizing wrinkles and blemishes, adding or eliminating items from a scene, changing the color of a particular object in a scene, changing from color to black and white or sepia, moving parts of one picture to another picture, and adding text. 



Photoshop & Elements Basics, Part  2

For those who have taken the Part 1 course above or have a basic understanding of Photoshop or Elements, this class takes photo editing to the next level. Advanced sharpening techniques, better cloning, understanding layer masks, and advanced portrait retouching are some of the topics covered in this intermediate course.



Download, Save and Share Your Photos

You love to take photos, but after you press the shutter, what do you do next? What’s the best way to get them into your computer? Got a ton of photos on your computer, but can never find the one you want? Did your computer ever crash and you lost everything, including your precious memories? Do you understand all of the printing options that are available to you now that have never been possible before? This class is designed to teach you how to handle all of those organizational tasks in new and different ways that may save you time and money.



Creating Custom Photo Books Online with Blurb©

Become the author of your own photo book! Learn how to use Blurb software to create, customize, and share all your favorite moments, and tell your story using digital photos in a personalized book. It's the better way to make photo albums. You will learn how to tell your story your way – learn how to design your book with exceptional results using the best paper, printing, and cover options available.



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